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        United Sodium Selenite Suppliers, United Sodium Selenite Manufacturers.

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        Sodium Selenite

        Details for Sodium Selenite

        Sodium Selenite


        Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

        Sodium Selenite
        CAS NO: 10102-18-8
        EC NO: 233-267-9
        Molecular Formula: H2NaOSe
        Molecular Weight: 119.9634
        InChI: InChI=1/Na.OSe/c;1-2/q+1;+2
        Product description:
        A white colored crystalline solid.Removing green color from glass during its mfr, alkaloidal reagent.
        Synonyms: Monohydrated selenium dioxide;disodium selenite;sodium hydrogen selenite;sodium selenite;selenious acid, monosodium salt;
        Molecular Structure: Sodium Selenite 10102-18-8
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