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        Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc.

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        Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc.
        Japan Suppliers > Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc.
        About us

        Dojindo's Company history dates back to the establishment of the Dojindo Pharmacy in 1910's by Keiji Ueno. Since then, Dojindo has been making products to back up the progress of scientific research.

        Today, Dojindo produces over 800 well-known products used by research organizations in many disciplines. Many of these products were developed jointly between Dojindo staff and outside researchers. Dojindo strives to expand its ability to analyze the future direction of science by maintaining continued interest in new research activities as well as improving its information-gathering network. As we move toward the 21st century, Dojindo expects that the time to produce a new product will be shortened. Dojindo is ready for this shortened product cycle because our creative researchers are working ceaselessly to meet tomorrow's research needs.

        Contact us
        Web site:
        211 Perry Parkway, Suite 5Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877, U.S.A.
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