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        ChemNet > Gold Suppliers > China Qingdao Hongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Lithium bromide Inquire
        CAS NO:7550-35-8;   MF:LiBr
        Test Items QualityContent 52~56% min.Ca: 0.001% max.Mg: 0.0002%max....
        Silica Sol Inquire
        CAS NO:112926-00-8;   MF:SiO2
        Silica Sol belongs to colloid which is formed by nm particles SiO2,...
        Barium Titanate Inquire
        CAS NO:12047-27-7;   MF:Ba2O4Ti
        As a basic dielectric formulated materials, Barium Titanate is wide...
        Silica Sol Inquire
        CAS NO:112926-00-8;   MF:SiO2
        Silica gel Inquire
        CAS NO:112926-00-8;   MF:SiO2
        Strontium Nitrate Inquire
        CAS NO:10042-76-9;   MF:NO3Sr
        Like many other strontium salts, strontium nitrate is used to produ...
        Barium Nitrate Inquire
        CAS NO:10022-31-8;   MF:BaN2O6
        Sodium Silicate solution Inquire
        CAS NO:1344-09-8;   MF:Na2SiO3
        sodium silicate solution is one kind of colourless, has just a litt...
        Barium sulphate Inquire
        CAS NO:7727-43-7;   MF:BaSO4
        Potassium Perchlorate Inquire
        CAS NO:7778-74-7;   MF:ClKO4
        Potassium Chlorate Inquire
        CAS NO:3811-04-9;   MF:KClO3
        Barium Peroxide Inquire
        CAS NO:1304-29-6;   MF:BaO2
        Barium peroxide is widely used as hydrogen peroxide and oxygen oxid...
        Titanium Dioxide Inquire
        CAS NO:13463-67-7;   MF:TiO2
        Titanium Dioxide MBR9668 is an inorganic(SiO2, Al2O3, Zr2O3) and sp...
        Strontium Carbonate Inquire
        CAS NO:1633-05-2;   MF:SrCO3
        Strontium carbonate is a key ingredient in glazes and used extensiv...
        Magnesium Fluoride Inquire
        CAS NO:7783-40-6;   MF:MgF2
        · It is a tasteless, colorless cubic crystal or powder with relati...
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