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        ChemNet > Gold Suppliers > China Qingdao Hongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Spirulina powder Inquire
        CAS NO:724424-92-4;
        Spirulina is an original organisms rich in vegetable protein, vitam...
        Astaxanthin Inquire
        CAS NO:472-61-7;   MF:C40H52O4
        Rosmarinic Acid Inquire
        CAS NO:20283-92-5;   MF:C18H16O8
        Maltitol Inquire
        CAS NO:585-88-6;   MF:C12H24O11
        Maltitol is a disaccharide produced by Corn Products Specialty Ingr...
        Isomaltitol Inquire
        CAS NO:534-73-6;   MF:C12H24O11
        Isomaltito is a unique, excellent tasting sugar-free bulk sweetener...
        Xylitol Inquire
        CAS NO:87-99-0;   MF:C5H12O5
        Xylitoli s a remarkable, natural substance that has many beneficial...
        Erythritol Inquire
        CAS NO:149-32-6;   MF:C4H10O4
        Erythritol characterizes low caloric ability, excellent biologic to...
        D-Mannitol Inquire
        CAS NO:69-65-8;   MF:C6H14O6
        Injection material: used in producing the mannitol injection soluti...
        D-Sorbitol Inquire
        CAS NO:50-70-4;   MF:C6H14O6
        Sorbitol is a kind of non-sugar sweetener made from high quality de...
        Lactitol Inquire
        CAS NO:585-86-4;   MF:C12H24O11
        Stevioside Inquire
        CAS NO:57817-89-7;   MF:C38H60O18
        Fructopyranose Inquire
        CAS NO:57-48-7;   MF:C6H12O6
        Trehalose Inquire
        CAS NO:99-20-7;   MF:C12H22O11
        Dextrose Anhydrate Inquire
        CAS NO:50-99-7;   MF:C6H12O6
        Sucralose Inquire
        CAS NO:56038-13-2;   MF:C12H19Cl3O8
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