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        xanthan gum

        xanthan gum

        Category :

        Organic chemicals and Derivatives

        CAS NO : 11138-66-2
        EC NO : 234-394-2
        Molecular Formula : (C35H49O29)n
        Main Specifications :
        Synonyms : Corn sugar gum;Xanthan;Gum xanthan;UNII-TTV12P4NEE;Xanthan-Gum;
        xanthan gum
        Package: 25kg/paper bag or drum within lining plastic bag
        Uses : 1) Food grade 2) Oil field drilling grade 3) Medical grade 4) Industry grade
        Product description:



        1-Haigum F80/food grade 80mesh
        2-Haigum F200/food grade 200mesh

        Xanthan Gum can be used in food industry as stabilizer, thickener or emulsifier.


        1. Xanthan Gum Food Garde 80 mesh (F80)

        2.  Xanthan Gum Food Garde 200 mesh (F200)

        3. Xanthan Gum Food Garde 80 mesh High Viscosity (FHV)


        Appearance: Cream colored powder

        Viscosity(1% solution in 1% KCL): 1200-1600cps or Min. 1200cps or Min. 1600cps

        PH (1% solution): 6.0-8.0

        Moisture: Max. 13%

        Ash: Max. 13%

        Partical Size: 40mesh, 80mesh, 200mesh

        V1/V2: 1.02-1.45

        Heavy metal: Max. 0.002%

        Lead (Pb): Max. 0.0003%

        Arsenic: Max. 0.0002%

        Total plate count: Max. 2000cfu/g

        Yeast and mould: Max. 100cfu/g

        Coliform: absent/25g

        Salmonella: absent/25g

        Package, Storage and Shelf Life:

        Packed in kraft bags or Carton boxes of 25kgs net each with PE inner. 24 months under dark, seal, cool and dry conditions.


        E415; FCC IV

        ItemSDXAN F80SDXAN F200
        Viscosity (1% solution in 1% KCL)1200 –1600cps1200 –1600cps
        PH (1% solution)6.0 –8.06.0 –8.0
        Moisturemax 13%max 13%
        Ashmax 13%max 13%
        Particle size100% through 60 mesh(250micro)
        min 95% through 80mesh(180micro)
        100% through 80 mesh(180micro)
        min 92% through 200mesh(75micro)
        V1/V21.02 –1.451.02 –1.45
        Pyruvic acidmin 1.5%min 1.5%
        Heavy metalmax 20ppmmax 20ppm
        Leadmax 5ppmmax 5ppm
        Arsenicmax 3 ppmmax 3ppm
        Total plate countnot more than 2000 cfu/gnot more than 2000 cfu/g
        Yeast/mouldnot more than 100 cfu/gnot more than 100 cfu/g
        E .coliabsent /25gabsent /25g
        Salmonellaabsent /25gabsent /25g
        Regulatory Compliance:
        Meet FCC, E-415 Standard.
        sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.
        Storage Time:
        24 monthes
        Multiply paper bag,carton box or cardboard drums with plastic lining.(25kg net)

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