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        ChemNet > Gold Suppliers > Zibo Hailan Chemical Co.,Ltd.
        CMC Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-32-4;117385-93-0;12624-09-8;198084-97-8;247080-55-3;37231-14-4;37231-15-5;404943-62-0;454679-81-3;50642-44-9;54018-17-6;55607-96-0;64103-90-8;654655-39-7;73699-63-5;80296-93-1;81209-86-1;82197-79-3;9045-95-8;9085-26-1;   MF:C8H16NaO8
        ?CMC is a high-purity, high-efficiency suspending agent.It is used ...
        Sodium CMC Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-32-4;
        Specifications1. high quality cmc 2. using as thickener and stabili...
        carboxymethyl cellulose Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-32-4 ;   MF:C8H16O8
        Specifications:Hailancel food grade CMC is widely used in food indu...
        Sodium Carboxymethyl cellulose Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-32-4;   MF:C8H16NaO8
        Specifications Hailancel food grade CMC is widely used in food...
        PAC Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-32-4 ;   MF:Al2Cl(OH)5
        Specifications 1-Haicel CMC used in food 2-Haicel CMC used in ...
        Polyanionic Cellulose Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-32-4 ;
        Specifications 1.high-purity 2.high-efficiency slurrying agent...
        xanthan gum Inquire
        CAS NO:11138-66-2 ;   MF:(C35H49O29)n
        Specifications 1-Haigum F80/food grade 80mesh 2-Haigum F200/fo...
        sucralose Inquire
        CAS NO:56038-13-2;   MF:C12H19Cl3O8
         Advantages:Sucralose is 600-650 times sweeter zhan sugar and ...
        HPMC Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-65-3 ;   MF:C12H20O10
        Specifications 1,Classification:hpmc construction 2,Purity:99%...
        Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose Inquire
        CAS NO:9004-65-3;   MF:C12H20O10
        Brief introduction:Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose and Methyl Cel...
        vanillin Inquire
        CAS NO:121-33-5;   MF:C8H8O3
        Detailed Product DescriptionVanillin also called Methyl Vanillin, c...
        Xanthan Gum Inquire
        CAS NO:11138-66-2;   MF:(C35H49O29)n
        Haixan? F80-Xanthan Gum Food Grade 80 meshDESCRIPTION:Haixan? F80 i...
        Xanthan Gum Inquire
        CAS NO:11138-66-2;   MF:(C35H49O29)n
        Haixan? F200-Xanthan Gum Food Grade 200 meshDESCRIPTION:Haixan? F20...
        Xanthan Gum Inquire
        CAS NO:11138-66-2;   MF:(C35H49O29)n
        Haixan? F40-Xanthan Gum Food Grade 40 meshDESCRIPTION:Haixan? F40 i...
        Xanthan Gum Inquire
        CAS NO:11138-66-2;   MF:(C35H49O29)n
        Haixan? PM80-Xanthan Gum Pharmaceutical Grade 80 meshDESCRIPTION:Ha...
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