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        China silicone fluid Suppliers, China silicone fluid Manufacturers.

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        silicone fluid

        Details for silicone fluid

        silicone fluid


        Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

        silicone fluid
        CAS NO: 63148-62-9
        EC NO:
        Molecular Formula: C6H18OSi2
        Molecular Weight: 162.37932
        Specification: amino value: 0.08-0.12mmol/g
        Packing: 180kg/drum, 1000kg/drum
        Uses: Handle finishing of bulky and soft for cotton, polyester, jute, etc.
        Synonyms: Hard foam silicon (An even vesicant);Hard foam silicon;Methyl silicone oil;Silicone Oil 201;dimethyl silicone oil;Levelling foamer L108;Polydimethyl Silicone Oil;
        Molecular Structure: silicone fluid 63148-62-9
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